Mission Statement of the Westport (NY) Federated Church

   The purpose of this Church is to give visible form to that faith and fellowship to which God has called his people. We acknowledge ourselves to be a local manifestation of the universal church and through which Jesus Christ continues to minister to the world by His Holy Spirit. We shall seek to fulfill this calling though corporate worship services, through a program of Christian nurture by which our members may be built up in their faith and love, through proclamation of the gospel by word and deed, and through ministering to human need in the name of Christ.

    Recognizing Jesus Christ as the only head of the Church, we shall seek to ascertain and obey the will of our Lord in all matters of faith and practice.  Authority to reach decisions for the governing of the affairs of this Church being given to us by Christ, we hold that such authority and responsibility is vested in the membership of the Church.