Staying in motion,being at rest

Posted on by Thomas Smith

August 12th.  Just another beautiful day.  How often do we stop ( Sabbath moments as I spoke on yesterday) and just take it in. When we don't we miss it; the miracle, the wonder that the sun still shines, that we woke up, that we are deeply loved by God. I hope you reflected on "resting, reconnecting and restoring" and will every day. Build a Sabbath moment into each and every day and see how God "leads you beside calming streams"(next Sundays message Psalm 23:3.  (reminder that the recent sermon  videos are available on our Facebook page)

Of course the opposite of rest is motion. Yesterday there was great spiritual motion in action as 6 adults were "credo-baptized" just as Jesus was. It was a very wonderful and powerful time. You could feel the presence and motion of the Holy Spirit around that pool!

Since then several have contacted me with some stories of unexplainable peace, a healing, and a leading to deeper faith and that " something had changed" in them. Those are because when we personally accept Christ and humble ourselves the Holy Spirit enters our hearts and souls and we are changed and different. The" Spirit moved me" becomes literal truth.

Motion is an indicator of things that are living. The first thing a paramedic checks on a motionless victim is for motion of blood in a pulse.

Being in Motion is also evidence of the Spirit moving us and that we are truly and fully alive. Have your felt the spirit move you recently? Did you move in the direction you were led or did you not move at all due to fear most likely.

As Mark Hall,lead singer of Casting Crowns said in his song Oh my soul, " your fear has to meet the God you know".

The last thing I want to mention about this is this. "What or who is moving you"? It's easy to tell. If it is making you feel prideful, self righteous, combative( like head butting sheep), then it is NOT the Holy spirit. I think you know then the source of those motions.