Life is Hard,God provides

Posted on by Thomas Smith

The 23rd Psalm is one of the most quoted verses at funerals. It’s beautiful imagery of rest and still waters is what we long for. Can we get an Amen to “All I want is a little peace and quiet”! But it should be a life verse for us.

But there is little peace in the land and sadly people choose to escape through drugs, alcohol and suicide. 1 in 25 Teenagers has attempted it. 1 in 8 think about it. It is the 3rd leading cause of death for ages 10 to 24 yrs. The elder rate is rising rapidly as well.

Life is hard. Life is overwhelming. We do get more than we can handle and the Bible no where says you wont. It does record Jesus telling us “ give it up, turn it over, stop worrying, trust me, cast your cares upon me, and many other similar things. But we just dont or wont.

We have a lot of bad habits which take us to bad places. Psalm 23 :5 says “you prepare a table for me..” Not in the palace, not in the peaceful park by the stream, not in your favorite place. In the presence of your enemies!

How can that be good? Its all good if you know that the one who is throwing the party is able to throw the enemies out as well. It is a picture of protection of God. Rest in that picture.

David continues “goodness and mercy shall follow me”…… because God is goodness and mercy and He not only follows, he goes before us. When life assails(it will), when enemies slander and gossip(they will) that is your time to recall the peaceful stream, the green pasture and remember that God has placed a watch over you and over your life and when you get to the point when you cant bear it, choose to let him bear it. Its how He made us.