Poor Rudolph

Posted on by Thomas Smith

Baby Its really getting cold outside….. the world that is, not talking about the song. It seems that every tradition and icon is up for grabs. Every statue and history must be re done or taken down because a vocal few have become so zealous about creating ‘safe spaces” for people.

Rudolph is now a poster child for victimization of bullying. Santa has legalized human trafficking by keeping elves as virtual indentured servants. And the naughty/nice list is threatening to the well being of children by attempting to bribe and manipulate with presents.

As the world increasingly looks inward not upward, it continues to nit pick and pick apart every thing that should never have been made a big thing. Desperate for likes, and thumbs ups, and re-posts and re-tweets, there is an addiction to being worth something by being the latest trending post about something more and more ridiculous…

But that’s the issue isnt it? Wanting attention, wanting to matter, wanting to have some value and purpose. It is the emtpiness that is longing for a filling that is driving this. And it is the sullen silence of earth heard when the Angels proclaim “ Joy to the World”.

The Christ Emmanuel Child came to tell us we matter very much, that we are worth an incredible price, his life! He came that man no more should die…. Glory in excelsis Deo!

He was the light in dark streets, the one who could help us find inner peace in a world going increasingly, rapidly crazy! He can be your peace, your fulfillment if you allow Him to.

It is up to us to believe or not, but “us without God”, is making the world into a world where even the cherished childhood stories like Rudolphs’ get manipulated and co-oerced into being part of the Lunacy…. We can choose not to enter the Asylum. WE can choose to believe and preserve the faith handed down, and the wonderful traditions we have been given.