To Let Go -author unknown

Posted on by Thomas Smith

In these tumultuous days, in these days of storms and fires and wars and such, as Jesus himself spoke of, I was reminded that I am not God and that Man as skilled and scientific as He has become still cannot change the track of the hurricane by one foot.Feelings of loss of control panic us. Yet peace can be created in our personal world by "letting go".

I thought this to be helpful in putting things into a perspective that would give us all more peace. Pastor Tom

To " let go": doesn't mean to stop caring, it means I cant do it all for you. It's not cutting myself off,its realizing I don't control another. To let go is to not enable further and to let consequences be the better teacher. Its admitting that I really don't have power, the outcome is not mine to decide.

To let go is to stop blaming and trying to change someone, and instead change myself. To let go is care about but not always provide care for. Its not fixing everything but showing support in other ways.

It is not judging others critically and realizing we are all fallible human beings. To let go means not constantly being the protector but trusting God to help someone through a hard reality. It means not living in constant denial of truth but accepting that truth. It is not being harsh and critical about another's actions while leaving my own not inspected.

It means living in the moment and recognizing that time cannot be saved. It means recognizing that the past is just that, past, and only the present and the next days to come, which also are the present, hold value. To let go means fear less and love more.