Posted on by Thomas Smith

Unforgiveness is the number one obstacle to God moving in our nation or in our hearts. It is the greatest obstacle to Churches growing. Almost everyone has hurts that have not been resolved. Grudges tht they are holdin gon to tlike they were some kind of treasure. Some Kind of a Treasure!

We cannot look to others to start to unravel the tangle of emotions and feelings. We have to start vertically looking at our relationship with God. How many times have our actions, thoughts, lives been displeasing and hurtful to god? We offend God but God is not offended. He provides a way forward.

In the Old Hebrew Testament the way forward was by strict adherence to the Law and for priestly sacrifice of various animals on the Altar in the Temple. When man made things too complex to follow, when the Law became cumbersome, God brought Christ into the World, the new covenant so that His blood on the Cross covered all our sin. Forgiveness was in place.

Now it was up to us to accept and apply that forgiveness. Christ even taught us " forgive us our sins( debts, trespasses) as( just like) we forgive others. The question jumps up. If God forgives us like we forgive others then we really can see our problem. We pray it do we mean it?


Sin, one sin, they are all the same size in God's eyes separate us from God. They are not weighted. The world likes to think "3 good deeds ought to take care of that nasty thing." The only thing that takes care of that and all the others is accepting forgiveness in Christ and then letting the Holy Spirit help us give forgiveness or ask it.

Without it death is the result. Death of relationships, death of hope, death of a good life. and eventually death and separation from God eternally. The Bible says " If we confess our sins He is faithful to forgive".

If we allow unforgiveness in our personal lives we are inviting death to follow. If we allow it in Church we are telling God we dont really want you here and the Church will inevitably die as the Holy Spirit departs. If we are honest, loving, truthful, responsible for owning our own stuff then relationships heal, Churches grow and yes even our nation is made better.

"Choose to forgive" and see how much better things get!