"Spend your life for something that outlasts it"

Posted on by Thomas Smith

Matthew 6:20 says "Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves cannot break in and destroy" . What on earth am I doing? is probably a deeper question than first examination reveals.

Yes, what on earth are you doing or to revise, "What are you doing on earth?". We live like we are immortal, yet we have a fear of that day we all must face.We gather, accumulate,hoard, plan, scheme, to store up the things that we think will be of value and so often in 24 hrs none of it means anything anymore. In that moment, " If I could just have ________ back, if I could just do _______ over. The regrets flood in and we realize we have been playing a fools game. It is a zero sum ending. Nothing gained but stuff that someone else will get to use.

Jesus called a man a "fool" for thinking that a bigger barn ( you put your idol in here________) would fix life and make him happy and content. He said " you might not even make it through tonight". That will haul you up short. Like going for the routine exam, you feel great, lots of money ,lots of fun.... and the Dr with that wrinkled forehead says " I want to do some more tests, I see something suspicious." What now? What will you do on earth now? What will what you have done up til now, amount to eternally? Have your shared a hope of heaven with even one person? Have you lifted a stranger's burden physically, financially, spiritually?

A storyis told of a rich man who was not well liked and he told his friend that He was leaving it all to charity when he died. " What more could they ask of me? " he said.

His friend said "let me tell you a story". A pig complained to the cow about how no one liked pigs but everyone loved the cow and her gentle ways and kind eyes. The pig said they speak of me in degrading terms.... yes you give milk, but I give everything, ham, bacon, bristles, even my feet are used! And I have to die to do it!

The cow thought fora minute and said "maybe its because I give while I'm living". End of Story.Acts of kindness and charity done while living are long remembered and far too often bequests after death are just squandered. Let people see that your love for them in thislife is agreat treasure you are laying up in heaven.