A self Reliant Heart-Questions for Modern Galatians (adapted from Marshal Segal)

Posted on by Thomas Smith

When I was first saved, I was painfully aware of how God had done everything for me through Jesus on the Cross, and how I deserved nothing but the consequence of my sin. Marshal Segal says in an article recently just that and that the longer we are " christian" the less we remember that.Self Reliance and belief in a " I'm not so bad, there are worse" approach start to change us.

Paul had some stinging questions for the Galatians to shock them back into reality in Gal 3:1-5.

question # 1 Who bewitched You?  Paul told the Galatians you know about Christ, his mission, his pain and suffering for you, and his accomplishment on the Cross " It is finished, paid for, done". So how are you now saying there is additional work or knowledge needed??

question #2 Let me ask only this.... did the Spirit come to you by the Law or by your act of Faith? So if it was by faith, and it was, why are you now adding works and good deeds to the list of what is needed? You didnt do anything for your salvation, why are you now focused on doing things to be saved?

question #3 So you were reborn by the Spirit but now you have to do fleshly things to become " more perfect? That Spirit continues to do the Good work in you. It's not justyour effort, it is your participation as the Spirit leads in your life that leads to Godly gains.

question #4 Why lose out on all the hard work and the things you have accomplished up to now by changing the story about Who Christ is and teaching this new false man made gospel?

Some questions that forced the Galatians to see what had slowly seeped into their thinking. We all have to be vigilant that no other Gospel is followed beyond the basic truth that God so loved the World, that he sent his son to be a "ransom for many"