The Comfortless zone

Posted on by Thomas Smith

WE have a tendency, a least I do, to sometimes seek the easiest, most convenient, least complicated way as we go through life. Often its called the comfort zone, but in truth its probably a self anesthetic approach to dealing with life. Who doesn't like comfort? But there is no growth, no change in stasis, nothing created, nothing furthered in the comfort zone. It probably is better called the Dead zone. Like my grandson who is always talking zombies.... the walking dead, just not realizing what their life could be.

It starts with spiritual apathy, or indifference. When you allow you faith to slide, or worse never give it a chance to grow then "What's the difference" in how I live is easily answered. There is no difference in life. You live day to day, doing the same unrewarding things, and in the end there was no real clear value to what was done. Ever feel that? Ever known a life lived like that?

But God wants more for you and from you. He first wants you to know that you matter, that the hairs on your head are numbered. He wants you to have abundant life,  full of His Spirit, not just slouching along. What is keeping you grounded when you should be flying? A lob, your friends, substance addictions, depression?

But here are some truths. 1. It will not be easy to choose a different way. Old habits dont die they just grudgingly surrender to a more persistent pressure. 2.Real growth happens after you leave the zone. Adversity will force growth or force you to retreat. 3. God is for you. Who can be against you? Lots of people but God can do all things, people not so much!

Is it time to stop groaning and wishing and start pushing your way out of the comfy prison you built just for you? You can if you think you can and ask God to bless you and strengthen you! Good luck is nice to say but Good attitude is a better wish as you start making changes! Today is the only guaranteed day we have.Make it count.