Removing the light

Posted on by Thomas Smith

It is becoming darker out there. Every news cycle brings another soul deadening report of a bombing or some other terror action. Jesus 's ministry is often compared to the light .  He offered A way to see more clearly as opposed to dark decisions made without benefit of illuminations.

I want to tell youthere have been times of God's miracles in protecting his people, andthere have been times and places when God's Enemy Satan has masterminded evil, as in the Brussels bombing yesterday, people of faith lost their lives andlost their loved ones. Evil is clearly working in our world.  People in our own nation continue to remove God and Godly principles from the lives of citizens and at the same time are stunned by the latest killing spree. Have you noticed that the most heinous crimes now get one, maybe two if they're lucky, news cycles? We are becoming systematically desensitized to violence. The light is dimming.

A recent statistic confirms this darkening in the American heart. Among the most recent generation to reach adulthood 15% do not pray,21% have no religious belief, and 26% never attend a worship service.Every generation since the millenials describe themselves as less spiritual.. Yet shockingly 79% recently responded they were " good enough" to go to Heaven. The feeling was almost of entitlement.

Let your light shine before men, that they may see and Glorify your Father in heaven, John says. And in Chapter 3 He continues and says that men loved the darkness more than light.

And that is the eternal struggle, light and dark in our hearts. Light pushes back darkness. Keep your lamp filled with God's spirit and God's words and pray always. The Tomb was dark, but light exploded from that darkness as our Lord was raised. Keep your little light shining!  Happy Resurrection Week!