"I go to that church" Pastor Tom

Posted on by Thomas Smith

Following up on Pastor Derek's blog from last week, I want to personalize it and apply it to WFC.

When trials come your way James says to count it all Joy. I am not sure I can honestly say that I was Joyful most of the times over the past month or so. A month? wow that is hard to believe, so much happened to me, so much happened in me. I am not back where I need to be but still making progress, getting back to normal eating and swallowing but I am confident in God's healing and restoration.

The first century church met needs through their activities in many ways, and of many types. Such as needs for people's physical well being. I have watched our needs be met for several weeks now and we are blessed and humbled to be a part of this Body of Christ and the larger one comprised of the many prayer supporters we have. Right after deciding to be all in here in Westport, this life change happened! The Church's support has been unwavering reflecting that they were solidly supporting us. Encouragement has been offered readily and "let me know if you need anything" echoes in our thoughts. And just recently, such beautiful music for Lisa and me by the Chrysalis Singers,So to re-quote Derek's blog, " I go to that Church"!

Relationships were built on a common bond of faith in the the first church. We are serving Christ in unity and purpose. I sense that people are gaining spiritual strength as we recognize the purpose and the power that we have in Christ together in this place. Just in the past week, I have heard second handedly that many of the people, we have prayed for,for health, for a while, are in remission or better in their battles. I still pray that they will give God the Glory. I know that you all do as well so i say " I go to that Church"!

As in the first Century churches, people, often at great risk, would share their faith and where the next house gathering was and the church grew in huge ways, because there was an excitement when people said " I go to that church". When the people are being Christ to others personally and the Church represents Christ meeting needs in the community then I believe the coming spring for The Church, the members, for Lisa and I will be a time of growth. I am more excited than ever to let the word out, " I go to that Church!" To God be the the Glory. Pastor Tom