Being clay (from the Word for Today)

Posted on by Thomas Smith

Jeremiah 18:6 says we are to be clay in the Lord's hand. Shaped and molded into his very likeness. Henry Poppen, one of the first Chinese missionaries spent forty years of his life telling about Jesus and how he died for their sins. One day after a sermon, a man approached him and said " We know this Jesus, he has been here" Dr. Poppen said that is not possible, as Jesus died long before and far from China. The man persisted, I can show you his grave!

So he took Dr. Poppen outside the city to an old cemetery. There was the gravestone of an American Doctor who lived and died there in China. The man said the people said this man was just like the Jesus you describe. merciful, loving, kind, willing to forgive and not take offense.

He clearly was clay molded like Jesus... and that should be the highest tribute we can ever have from another; "he or she was just like Jesus". Do others see Christ in you?