Only One was Perfect

Posted on by Thomas Smith

People who take their spirituality seriously often become entangled in perfection’s web.  These people are especially vulnerable to the gospel of perfection.  After all, they believe in God, and they always want to do the right thing and never do the wrong thing.  Many of these over-scrupulous individuals continually monitor their behavior worrying about sins of omission as much as they do about sins of commission.  Their spirituality is dominated by an accountant mentality, and they relentlessly keep track of everything they do wrong.
    Perfection is an enticing trap for spiritual people.  All of their spiritual instincts point in the direction of perfection.  What could possibly be wrong with trying to be perfect?Unfortunately, what you are trying to do can’t be done.  Spiritual perfection is impossible.  No matter how hard you try, it will never happen.  You are a human being, and you are imperfect. 
     Keeping a spiritual scorecard may improve your performance, but it will not make you perfect.Scorecards will not enhance your spirituality.  The accountant mentality has no place in your spiritual life.  Your personal relationship with God is based on love.  God isn’t keeping score, and you shouldn’t either.
    Perfection has the wrong focus.  Your focus should be on love.  People who have a heart full of love usually don’t have a problem with doing wrong things all the time.  Instead, they focus on doing loving things.  When you focus on doing the loving thing, sins of omission and commission usually aren’t a problem.When the focus of your spirituality switches to love, the shackles of perfection fall from your arms and legs.  You throw your spiritual scorecard away, and love becomes the dominant force in your life.
    If you become obsessed with spiritual perfection, it won’t be long before you are ensnared in the web of self-righteousness.  It’s an easy trap to fall into, and usually you don’t realize that you have been caught.The trap is elegantly simple.  It works like this:     Since you want to be perfect, you are totally committed to being right all the time.  People who agree with your way of thinking and living are right.  People who disagree with it are wrong.  You now are the self-appointed judge who determines what is right and wrong for the entire world.  Unfortunately, the chance that you are always right and the rest of the world is wrong is zero.
    The only escape from self-righteousness is a double dose of humility and love.  The dose of humility reminds you that you are not the one who decides what is right and wrong for the rest of humanity.  The dose of love reminds you that true spirituality is about love rather than about always being right.
    The need to be right is a sign of spiritual immaturity.  When you give up your need to be right, the focus of your life shifts to love.  Your heart becomes filled with Gods love, and you pass that love on to everyone you meet.  You no longer obsess on whether you are doing the right thing.  Instead, you focus on whether you are doing the loving thing.  This change in focus liberates you from self-righteousness.
    Don’t worship at the altar of perfection as it will only bring misery.  The definitive cure for perfection is God’s love.  You must accept yourself and others as you are with all of the imperfections.  You must love yourself and others as you are in spite of all the imperfections.  God’s love will prevent you from being ensnared in perfection’s web.  You don’t need to be perfect and neither does your life.  Don’t waste your time trying to make it perfect.  Just open your heart to God’s love, and let your life get better and better.  (Blog Excerpt from “Maxing Out on Love”)