Prayer and cooperation with God -Harry Emerson Fosdick, The Meaning of Prayer.

Posted on by Thomas Smith

There is a great deal of nonsense about always being resigned in prayer, as the only true attitude. Cooperation with God's will is the better expression of Christian attitude. We are not resigned anywhere else.We find a  desert and irrigate til it blossoms.We find a thorny cactus and set Luther Burbank to making it a thornless plant for food. We find social evil like slavery the best among us would rather surrender life than accept the wrong.Resignation in the presence of evil is in itself an evil and a sin.

This unresigned attitude, inseparable from a noble character is not rebellion against God but cooperation with God. Men act on situations that may be perceived as God's will at the moment, but see He has inclined them to work to fight their way through to what is ultimately God's true will. To this end they think and work and pray. They do not just submit to God's purposes, they assert it. Prayer at its best never says thy will be changed, but it says "Thy will be done"