Finding the Secret Place

Posted on by Thomas Smith

It is so wonderful and yet so hard to do. Anyone who experiences it yearns for it again.Those who never do experience it have no clue what they have missed. What is it? You and God time.
We often think worship in church or being at activities is "God Time". Some people have found the heart of God in worship, most think about the latest list or the events upcoming. It seems we all are somewhat ADD when it comes to our time with the Lord.

And then there is the question when we do get alone, what will I say? Maybe everything, maybe nothing. The old testament Patriarchs were often located in a field or on a mountainside or in the desert when suddenly the scripture bursts forth with " He lifted up his eyes and saw.."Gen 24:63

Job said in his final comments that " he had heard about God but now he had seen him" Job 42:5... after his "friends" static cleared.When we make time with Him a priority, He sets before us things so wonderful that the hurried man or woman never see.

Jesus in several places went alone somewhere to pray or sent others away so He could pray. The truth is we have to send something away for God to appear near. Other peoples schedules, agendas, opinions, opportunities, recreation, even well meaning friends will complicate the mix, unless we establish our priority with the Lord.

Many were offended by Jesus and felt like they were second place.... exactly. Shouldnt our Lord always come before the latest greatest thing that squeezes us out of time with the Lord. Isaiah 45:3 says " I will give you treasures hidden in darkness and riches stored in secret places"