Twelve reasons believers can overcome.

Posted on by Thomas Smith

This Handout went with my sermon last Sunday on overcoming. Join us for two more messages on this timely topic on 9/28 and 10/12. I will not be preaching on 10/5. Pastor Tom

Twelve Reasons Believers Can Overcome.


1) God is sovereign and in complete control of the intensity and the duration of your affliction.

Is 46:9-10


2) God’s love and mercies never cease.

                         Lam 3:22-23

3)Jesus will never leave nor forsake you.Heb 13:5


4)God is with you in your affliction. Is 43:2


5)God hears your every prayer. Ps 34:15


6)God is using this affliction to make you like Christ.

                        Romans 8:28–29


7)This affliction is momentary and light compared to the eternal reward it is producing. 

2 Cor 4:17


8)Jesus is your sympathetic High Priest who intercedes for you constantly.  Heb 7:25


9)God is near you in your pain.  Ps 34:18


10)God is your refuge, strength, and strong tower you can run to.  Ps 46:1 Pr 18:10 Phil 4:13


11)God has saved you, washed away your sins, and adopted you as his own child.  Rom 4:7


12)Someday Jesus will wipe away every tear from your   

    eyes and you will see his glorious face. Rev 21:4