Two Ears and One Mouth

Posted on by Thomas Smith

Recently I had a conversation with someone about some difficult times they were going through. The person mentioned how they said something that the very moment it went forth they wished it could have been reeled back in. Who hasn't been in that position? I think it was "Silent Cal Coolidge" said he never regretted a word he never said! 

In James 1:19 He advises us to be " quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry". I wonder where that came from? Maybe from his criticism of his brother Jesus? He was most likely among the family that came to speak with Jesus, to get him to " come to his right mind"!

James was right on in that advice in verse 19, and it is probably among the most useful in the Bible! He later continues in this line of thinking in verse 26,telling his fellow Jews (and us) to " Keep a tight rein on our tongues". He, very convictingly, says" if you think you are religious and don't then you are deceived and your religion is worthless"!

So why is that religion worthless? It is worthless in that the person has not changed for the better and worthless to those around them who see no benefit to religion. If someone claims they are a Christian but are constantly being malicious with their words then there is no Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) present. If there is no Fruit, then the Spirit is either quenched or was never present. Either there is no repentance and acceptance of Christ or there was what some call a "False conversion" without true repentance.... worldy sorrow( sorry I am in this mess) not Godly sorrow( sorry God that I have created this mess).

The title speaks of having two ears and one mouth. The rest of the adage is to use them in direct proportion. Listen more than you speak. And if you speak, speak so that others are drawn to Christ, not repelled by what they hear coming from you. Jesus said " Out of the heart, one speaks".