Simply Serving ( adapted from the Word for today) A must read!

Posted on by Thomas Smith

Bill Wilson builds Sunday Schools in NYC's toughest areas. He has been stabbed, shot and had team members killed. A Puerto Rican lady who spoke little English told him" I want to serve God, please". Bill asked her to ride a different Sun.School bus every week with the kids and just love them. After a while she became attached to one little boy. She told Bill she would only ride that bus from then on. The boy sat on her lap and never said a word each week. She told him " I love you and Jesus loves you" repeatedly. One day he turned and said " I love you too!" and hugged her. 

That was 2:30 on a Sun afternoon. 6:30 that night the boy was found dead in a dumpster, beaten to death by his mother." I love you and Jesus loves you" were perhaps the last kind words spoken to him, from a willing, servant woman who could barely speak English.

Who among us is qualified? Who among us even knows what to do? Not you or I but when you are moved by the Lord and your heart is burning for serving Him, he will use you for his purposes. She was willing and perhaps that boy is with his Savior. Are you willing to simply serve?