How you and I grow the Church part 4 of 4

Posted on by Thomas Smith

We get what we give is an ultimate truth of life. I want to always be known as someone, who gave more than expected. I want to give of my financial resources in a way which challenges my faith and puts God in a position of returning blessing and favor to me as expressed in  his word which says " pressed down, shaken together and overflowing".

I want to give of my time to causes which go beyond my reach. Those which will bless other people's lives and in turn the lives of their children. Always seeking a multiple return for the seed sown is theologically based in scripture.

But if you dont plant you dont reap anything.Selfish and self serving attitudes may make you think you are "protecting", but it can all be gone in a flash or a flood. God is our protector and provider. Without his favor we can build huge barns like the foolish man, and have nothing in them, or worse have those barns sold or turned over in inheritance to someone else we never intended for them to be owned by.

What does this have to do with growing the church? Everything. It is all about our growing faith and our growing hearts. If those things are happening then the church is growing because the people are growing, and the spiritual fruit produced will bless the work of the church. The only place in the 1189 chapters in the Bible where God says " test me on this" is Malachi 3:10.( the last book of the Hebrew Old Testament) Read it and see what the Holy Spirit says to you!