Get Back Up!

Posted on by Thomas Smith

"Tough times dont last, tough people do" is the worlds answer to getting through hard times. The problem is that hard times will create hard people if it is not their faith that is seeing them through. In Acts Chapter4:19-20 we see Paul going through a hard time.... I would say being pelted with rocks(stoning) is a hard time! After a while the Jews who had done this left him for dead. But notice what happened next... " when the disciples gathered around him he rose up". With the encouragement and support of the brothers and sisters in the Lord (aka the Church) he found the strength to get though.

 He was stoned but not silenced,beaten but not defeated. He was a defiant optimist, and a self encourager who because of that attitude lifted others around him. He knew Who was for him; He knew Who was with him; He knew Who was in him.

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. 1 john 4:4. Whatever the evil one throws your way, always cling to those truths. Also know that gathering around those "going through it" is God's plan for strengthening the people of the Church.