How You and I Grow the Church pt 1 of 4

Posted on by Thomas Smith

God objects to small vision not small attendance. Vision limits the possibilities we see, but God does not see things as we do. Acts 5:28 the new little group of believers was accused of " filling the Jerusalem with your doctrine". Acts 17:6 Paul and Silas were accused of "turning the world upside down"! What God did through two men with unstoppable and unshakable belief!

So what are the people of the church called on to do? Invite others. The response is often, " Isn't that the Pastor's Job? Individually as I go I always invite, But my foremost  job is "Shepherd". Shepherds don't  give birth to sheep; sheep give birth to sheep. When you have great exciting news, do you call,text, or email someone? Is your faith and your relationship with God good news to you? 

It is said the one thing you cant do in Heaven is share the Gospel. It is a done deal at that point. God has appointed for each of us to do that work here on Earth. Someday each of us will give account. Do you believe that? If so it should affect the efforts we make to share Christ, and I have mentioned before, that the best way often to share Christ is to Be Christ to others. Invite them, offer a ride, offer to have lunch or coffee after church... you both will be glad you did now and eternally.       ( Adapted from the Word for Today)