Silence is sometimes not golden

Posted on by Thomas Smith

You have probably heard the lyrics or heard the phrase "silence is golden". Sometimes. There are clearly times when silence is not only appropriate, but it is wise. Those situations are when we dont know all the facts, when we know that words will inflame not extinguish, when we know that our "contribution" will not edify God, or for that matter anyone else. The generational advice " if you dont have something good to say keep it to yourself" is often true!

Palm Sunday approaches and so does our Savior, entering Jerusalem during the last week of His earthly ministry. My devotional starts this week talking about Praise.The word "Praise" dominates this scene on the road from Bethany to Jerusalem. Jesus said in Luke 19:40  that creation itself will cry out if our praise is absent or suppressed. David asked that his prayers be as"incense before God". The Hebrew word prayer here meaning "songs of praise" is used over 70 times in that context. Clearly we are not to be silent. Our God deserves our vocal praises.

"Love the Lord your God with All your heart and Soul" was given by Jesus as the greatest commandment. Putting all we have into our worship of God. Real Worship, both corporate and private, revolves around that word All. Intimacy in worship is a direct result of understanding why we are there in the first place. To Honor God or impress men? To spiritually connect with our Creator or to continue a ritual that does not refresh? It is about the condition of our hearts isnt it?

As the Palm fronds waved, as the road was lined with branches, the people didnt just stand silently by... they shouted with excitement seeing Jesus approach. " Ho-Sanna".... Save Us Lord.

And He would, in a way unexpected. He was not the earthly deliverer of Israel they were shouting for, but He was what they needed most. His Journey to the Cross would forever connect and reconcile God and Mankind. Fully man so that He could share with humanity at its most personal level, and fully God carrying the separating sin of man on Himself. Finishing the matter forever, so we who would believe, would not suffer the eternal consequences of separation from God. I cant think of anything that is more important to shout about!