Being Jesus to others

Posted on by Thomas Smith

Max Lucado asks this provocative series of questions: 

1.What would your life be like even for one day, if you were to think and act like Jesus? What if His priorities were yours? What if His Love directed your behavior?

2.What would family, coworkers, friends see and say about you? Would they be shocked or would they be thrilled or both?

3.What would change in the way you treat the less fortunate, the people who were always trouble? The people who have gotten what they deserved?

4. How would you treat and view your enemies? What value would there be in grudges and unforgiveness?

5. How would it affect your mood swings, your temper flares, your medication needs?

6. How would it change the way you handle the stuff life throws your way? Money issues? unexpected breakdowns? Unexpected pregnancies?

7.Would you talk the same way? Go the same places? Associate with the same people? Watch the same video? Listen to the same music?

What you would see is what God wants! Phil. 2:5 says " Your attitude should be the same as that as Christ Jesus". Lordship requires our obedience. Salvation is a free gift but sanctification is a process of changing our lives to look more and more like Jesus.  It is a minute by minute and sometimes a thought by thought process of transforming our thinking to be more like Jesus. 

What would Jesus think?WWJT? and What would Jesus Do? WWJD