Nothing is ever the same here, only God is unchanging

Posted on by Thomas Smith

We sure love routine. But when a routine becomes routine we start to get stale. Life gets old and boredom is a constant companion. But a routine in your spiritual life is good in some ways. A regular prayer time to "pray then listen" to the Holy Spirit brings peace in your soul and invites God to be near. But even a routine of  "automatic prayer" is not of great value if it does not connect you to your creator in a real and personal way. A routine of reading the Bible to gain insight is powerful because as I saw noted on social media, it is the only book whose author is always present when you read! You can count on the Bible to plant seeds of change in us, if we allow the change to take root. You can count on God's Spirit to lead you in changes that will make your life a " living sacrifice" as Paul called it, in Romans 12: 1-2.

In that passage he warns us to not fall into the cage of conformity. To break out and discard old ways of thinking, old memories, and attitudes that have constantly held us back and held us down. The illusion of life is that it is static. It is not, time is moving. We are growing in our likeness of Christ  or we are shrinking in spiritual stature. Are we  daily more spiritually alive or just hanging around til we die? NO change equals NO change. We will, one day, be asked what we did for Him with this gift called life. I hope he noticed I changed!