Lent is near, or is it nearly Lent?

Posted on by Thomas Smith

I have to start with basic honesty. In my adult worship experience Lent was not a focus. As I reflect on that I think it should have been. I always thought it was a Catholic "give something up" thing. But what I am seeing now is that it is about preparation; Preparation in our hearts for the greatest event of History. The resurrection of Christ! How do you prepare for that? 

I think thankfulness is a good place to start. Without the victory over the grave that is all we have left to not look forward to, the grave.  Humility is another focus. The Lord God gave himself as a ransom for many, that whosoever( insert your name _________) should have eternal life with Him. Lord who am I that you would do that for me? I am truly humbled. 

Lent is often,as I mentioned, a give something up, self sacrificing time for us to show our devotion to God. I would suggest that perhaps to give more of something might show our devotion even more. To give more than we get, of whatever we have. To forgive those who have offended us quickly and generously, as we have been forgiven so quickly and may I add repeatedly and generously! To seek a closer walk with the Living Risen Lord in our study of His Word, in our quiet time of prayer,and preparing our hearts as we come to worship Him.

Lent is very near, it is a few weeks away but  it is also as close as God's Holy Spirit within us.

"Speak to Him, for thou He hears, Spirit to Spirit you meet. Closer is He than breathing and nearer than hands and feet" Alfred Lord Tennyson