A Simpler Christmas ,Stacey Reoach

Posted on by Thomas Smith

The following is from John Piper's "Desiring God" website.Stacey blogs about keeping Christmas simpler and Christ centered;offering some suggestions for families.

Teaching Our Kids About the Greatest Gift.So this year I’m on a quest to simplify and infuse new ways of teaching our kids about Christmas’s greatest gift. Here are a few things we’re doing.

Each night leading up to Christmas (ok, maybe not every night, but most nights) we read from our favorite Christmas devotional Why Christmas at the table, taking time to discuss the questions and sing the beautiful hymns included.

We use our Advent calendar to think of an attribute of God or gift Jesus gives us each day. The kids rotate thinking of these and writing them on a piece of paper that fits in the pocket.

We give our kids an amount of money to contribute toward a World Vision project of their choosing. At this point, our son is most excited about the solar-power-light projects.

We sing carols with our own family some evenings after dinner.

We find creative and simple ways to bless others with our time and resources, whether it be a phone call or a loaf of bread.

A family favorite: We act out the Christmas story on Christmas morning as we read from the Bible. Although I’m wondering how many more years the donkey (my husband) can carry an ever-growing Mary on his back!

My encouragement to you and to my own heart this Christmas is to avoid becoming so busy in doing things (even good things!) that we squeeze out the time to ponder and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. A simple Christmas doesn’t mean a diminished one. Even if we choose to skip out on making grandma’s shortbread cookie recipe, we still soak up the wonder of Jesus, the best gift of all.