Thank You....... yes we mean you.

Posted on by Thomas Smith

What a simple yet powerful phrase! When sincerely offered it conveys our whole being to people. Here's what a sincere "Thank You" is really saying. "I acknowledge the goodness in you. I appreciate the effort you have made. I want you to know my life is a bit easier and my load a bit lighter. If it were not for you, things would not look as bright. I see God's grace in your action or words. It gives me encouragement and hope. Because of  you I will see others differently. I will remember your effort and will offer to extend myself to others in some way. I am thankful to God for your presence in my life...."

Hard to believe a heartfelt simple thank you could say so much.... Paul often at the very beginning of his letters would say " I thank God for you when I remember your faith and your effort on behalf of the Gospel". So Lisa and I join Paul in saying that same thing to you all, as we continue to minister and to 'love, lead, and feed". Thank You! yes we mean you  and Thank you God!