Serving Him with you all.

Posted on by Thomas Smith

Thank you all for your gracious welcome to Lisa and I. We are settling in, meeting people, and seeking God daily as to His plans for Westport Federated. We are seeing God's Hand in leading us to serve in this beautiful place among people who are serving faithfully. 

We believe it is our calling  to "lead, feed, and love". I was given the scripture 1 kings 12:7 as I studied last week and it is what I am claiming. In 1 kings 12:6 King Rehoboam asks his elder advisors who had served Solomon how he should respond to the people. In verse 7 they replied" Today if you will be a servant to these people and serve them, and if you respond to them by speaking kind words to them, then they will be your servants forever". 

Sadly he did not accept that counsel and got advice from younger, less wise, men and Israel suffered greatly. 

I believe we are called to serve and we know that if we do that, that we will build relationships that will be blessings to all and God will be glorified in those relationships. Praise His Name forever!